7 Ways How Fashion Trends Influence Vape Industry

Vaping is the new trend nowadays. As a healthier and much more enjoyable habit, vaping has slowly influenced fashion trends. However, this is not a one-way street as the fashion world has found its way to leave its mark on vaping too.

Whether with model endorsements or stylish cases, the fashion and vape industries are coming closer than ever. Models stun the catwalk with various vapes in their hands or pockets that accessorize their glamorous outfits.

From being brought up on runways to being the number one pocket accessory, here are some ways fashion trends influence the vape industry’s progress.

The 90s Chic Esthetique

Back in the 90s, it wasn’t strange to see runway models walk down the catwalk with a long, sleek cigarette in their hands. As the world changed, so did this trend, and soon, fashion shows all around the world stopped adding this small accessory because it

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Our Resident Makeup Artist Anika Kai Shares Her Top 5 Morphe Products

Anika Kai: Hello, welcome back to my channel. My identify is Anika Kai, and I’m a movie star make-up artist and beauty influencer. People today are normally asking me what are your favorite goods and I convey to them that I just can’t pick a favored. I appreciate anything, so what I’m likely to do to share my faves with you is to go down the line from each individual model and present you my top rated 5. I’m gonna display you 5 of my favorite Morphe items. A whole lot of these I use professionally and individually, and I am so thrilled to share them with you these days.

So initially up is going to be my Morphe Prodigy Bronzer. Now you can see this is incredibly very well-loved. I use this on myself, and I have one particular in my kit as effectively. This is the excellent

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29 Black Female Designers You Should Know In 2022

Operating on parallel lanes within the same field, the African and global Black fashion industries have both come a long way. On the international scene, female designers of African-descent—from the motherland to the Americas and everywhere in between—continue to gain new grounds in the world of fashion. From ready-to-wear to couture, luxury to fast fashion, these designers are defying the odds and steadily cementing the notion that the future is both female and Black.

Whether you set your sights on Lagos or London, Kingston or New York and everywhere in between, talented Black/African female designers are gaining more and more momentum in the global fashion industry. It is not just the high-spirited designs inspired by the colors, sounds, and heritage of Alkebulan (the original name for Africa, pre-colonialism) that have captured the attention of a global audience, but also the fact that Black female designers are defining fashion in

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