Meet Dauphinette’s Olivia Cheng, the Youngest Designer on View at The Met

A Midtown Manhattan office complex that also happens to be a major tourist attraction doesn’t exactly scream “place where you might discover a cool young designer.” But anyone wandering around Rockefeller Center in search of the ice skating rink or the entrance to the Saturday Night Live studio might find themselves pulled toward a storefront near 5th Avenue that looks like a psychedelic powder room kitted out by an eccentric botanist, or a boudoir as imagined by Lewis Carroll.

Through the plate glass window marked Dauphinette, one can see an astonishing array of items fashioned out of resin-encased fruits, leaves, and flowers; 1960s-ish dresses with ostrich feather trims; and velvet puffer jackets covered in a rainbow insect print. A mural featuring dancing cupids covers every inch of wall. On a wet, grey morning in late September, walking into the boutique’s organized pastel chaos cut through the gloom like a

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