The Early Aughts Revival in Fashion Goes Deeper Than Low-Rise Jeans

Dust off your Razrs: With brands like Blumarine making a comeback on the runways, stylish insiders are hunting for their original iterations on secondhand sites.

Early aughts fashion — it’s a phrase that might send some running for the sartorial hills, tucked safely into their ultra-high-rise pants and their roomy Phoebe Philo-for-Céline-style outerwear. Return to the era of constantly bared skin, high-flash glitz and, oh my god, so much orange spray tan? An absolutely hard pass for them, thank you.

But for others, the over-the-top fashion that defined the new millennium is releasing a siren call too sweet to resist — and it’s not Gen-Z leading the way, either.

Millennials old enough to remember “TRL” but too young to have spent money on so much as a Rich and Skinny jean, let alone a Fendi Baguette, now have the disposable income to invest in the styles they

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