Would you rent your clothes? The fashion editors test the best services

“Come inside and buy nothing”, reads the invitation on the window of the newest shop on London’s Carnaby Street. It’s a shop, but not as we know it – because it’s a pop-up shop from Rotaro, the fashion rental service. Meaning that while none of the candy-coloured dresses from Stine Goya, Rixo and Rotate displayed on the other side of that window can be purchased, they are available to rent.

Welcome to the rental revolution, happening now at weddings, birthday parties and big nights out all over the UK. The founders of leading rental platforms say that after a difficult year, summer 2021 looks as if it could be their breakthrough season. That’s thanks to shifts in attitudes toward consumption, heightened awareness of sustainability issues – and a few high-profile fans. Fans like Carrie Johnson, who wore a rented Christos Costarellos gown on her wedding day last month, and whose

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Artistic Designers’ Top 4 Best Kept Secrets in TV and Film

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Undeniably, one of the strongest, most powerful elements in creating an immersive television spectacular are the costumes the actors wear, especially when the script is a period piece. Here are costume designer and make-up artist’s top four best kept secrets in television and film production. 


Color is the most effective, important and influential element in creating an on-screen experience and holds an incredible amount of potential in the ability to express characters, relationships, moods and overall character development. 

The most vital step in establishing what color palette to base your designs on is to ensure your initial meetings with the director and head designers are as concise and as detailed as possible. The knowledge of their vision and intentions for the use of color schemes throughout the production will greatly inform you throughout the design stages moving forward. 

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