10 Easy Ways You Can Make Your Wardrobe a Little More Sustainable

This week it is Fashion Revolution Week, which is a movement which has been calling for an improvement in sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry. In order to reverse some of the startling statistics about clothing waste, we all need to be more conscious of what we are buying, however, it can be confusing to know where to begin to make our wardrobes more sustainable because there are a lot of complexities. But if you want to start taking steps to make your wardrobe more considered, what are the fashion equivalents of buying a reusable bottle and using metal straws instead of plastic ones?

“Consumer-facing coverage of sustainability often focuses on either disastrous environmental and ethical news or future purchasing behaviour, which can leave us feeling either powerless to make a difference as an individual or confused about where to start,” sustainability expert Brooke Roberts-Islam of Techstyler

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