Tips On How To Vape CBD Properly Using CBD Oil Cartridges

Looking for a great way to enjoy a healthy dose of Cannabidiol in a relaxing way? Without a doubt, a CBD cartridge is the best way to get your healthy dose of cannabis! CBD vape comes up with a disposable pre-filled cartridge, and you can fill e-juice to enjoy higher relaxation. If you are a fresher to the CBD world, cbd cartridge is a great option. Besides, a CBD vape cartridge helps you to enjoy cannabis much quicker to feel the health benefits of CBD! 

On the other hand, CBD vape comes with many flavors, and you can enjoy cannabis every time when you vape! Anyone can consume CBD and enjoy the great flavors. There are many brands that are available in the market, and so you can choose the best and reliable brand that offers higher relaxation. The main reason to go with the CBD vape cartridges is … Read More

Sinead Burke, Maura Horton launch JUNIPERunltd, a new shopping hub for people with disabilities

We are all works in progress; even the successful women you look up to faced stumbling blocks along the way and continue to work hard to stay at the top of their game. In this series, we’re sitting down with the people that inspire us to find out: How’d they do it? And what is success really like? This is “Getting There.”

Maura Horton and SinĂ©ad Burke have never actually met in person, but they’re working closely together to make the fashion industry more inclusive for people with disabilities. Horton, 51, is the inventor of MagnaReady, an adaptive clothing line that replaces zippers and buttons with magnetic closures, and Burke, 30, is an activist and the first little person to be featured on the cover of Vogue U.K.

Both women are passionate about adaptive fashion and inclusivity and have teamed up to launch JUNIPERunltd, an e-commerce platform and

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