10 Fashion Trends From The Early 2000s That Are Going Strong


Yk2 is all that anyone is talking about, get your low-rise jeans and lip gloss ready for early 2000s trends.

Yk2 fashion has taken over as the most popular aesthetic, especially because it encompasses an era of fashion. While it does cover trends from the late 90s up until the mid-2000s, a large focus comes from the trends during the early 2000s, making it the most nostalgic look among Millennials as it goes back to all the trends they loved as teens, and early 2000s fashion icons.

From stars like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton setting the bar with low-rise jeans and mini-purses to Gwen Stefani and Beyonce, many of the trends that they set are still going strong today.

Low-rise is making a comeback along with satin and shiny materials, mini-purses, chunky shoes and much more. Check out these 10 trends from the early 2000s that are still going strong.


10 Low-Rise Jeans

The late 2010s saw the comeback of a high waist, but the waistlines are going down this year with the return of the low-rise. From jeans to skirts, the waistline is generally going down south and exposing mid-diffs when worn with crops.

If you want to try low-rise jeans, pair them with a crop top or a white button-down shirt for a cool street style.

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9 Tennis Skirts

Tennis skirts are going strong, and not just on the court. Get a preppy Yk2 look with a tennis skirt. The basic white and black skirts are a great capsule closet option for easy styling, but a colorful tennis skirt is also the perfect statement piece.

Consider getting a skort to versatile and easy wearing, and maybe you can actually play tennis in it too.

8 Small Sunglasses

Sunglasses have a way of being rotated throughout the years and in the 2000s sunglasses went from small to oversized really fast, but the early 2000s was definitely more focused on small sunglasses.

Depending on what kind of sunglasses you have, it might take some time to get used to when you change up the shape but once you get used to them they will become your new favorite accessory.

7 Crop Tops

Crop tops are a defining feature of the early 2000s because they didn’t really exist as streetwear before, it was completely new to this era. It is especially iconic considering how popular low-rise jeans were in this time period and the introduction of the midriff.

From halter tops to sleeveless and high-neck, crops define the early 2000s.

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6 Mini-Purses

Mini purses in various colors are a current trend that can also be traced back to the early 2000s. The shoulder strap bag in bright colors or textures adds the perfect pop of color to any look.

A mini-purse can be styled in a lot of ways to reach various aesthetics, but if you are going for Yk2 this is essential.

5 Chunky Sneakers

Chunky shoes in general defined this era of shoes from platform sandals to chunky sneakers knee-high boots with a chunky heel.

Platforms are a great alternative to heels because they give you some height and make any outfit look more elegant, but they are more comfortable than heels. Plus they are perfect for the Yk2 aesthetic. A go-to are platform sandals or flip-flops for spring trends going into summer.

4 Bootcut Pants

Welcome back to the bootcut trend, it has been a few years but this Yk2 trend has returned strong.

From yoga pants to trousers and jeans, these pants are back. They look great in a two-piece set, or as a statement piece to bring the outfit together. You can’t go wrong with a bootcut pants, it is one of the best Yk2 trends that are making a comeback.

3 Lip Gloss

Lip gloss be popping, from when it became a big deal when Britney, Paris and the iconic Lil Mama made it their go-to lip product. As lipgloss has made its way back into the mainstream, one of the best parts is how the beauty industry has changed.

Now from Fenty lip gloss, to Rare Beauty and Glossier products, lip gloss is now a hydrating product that will not dry out your lips or get whipped away quickly. The quality is better than ever with the return of lip gloss.

2 Two-Piece Sets

Another Yk2 fashion comeback favorite is the two-piece set. There is no better capsule closet item as it can be styled separately or together to make a variety of cool outfits. Your two-piece set can be as simple as black bootcut pants and a crop, or as fun as a pleather corset top with matching pleather pants.

Indulge in two-piece sets for easy styling, when you don’t know what to wear it will always be there for you.

1 Butterfly Clips

Hair accessories are back in general from bucket hats to scarves, and a Yk2 fashion trend, butterfly clips.

Yes, you may have worn these in elementary school along with your jelly sandals, but now is the time to bring back the style. Your motive? It makes for easy styling when you want to clip your hair out of your face without applying product or putting in too much effort.

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